P2P ‘criminals’ force Sony to re-think Fiona Apple release


The fantastic Fiona Apple album Extraordinary Machine is being finally released by Sony Music.

After being put on the shelves 2 years ago by Sony executives who believed that it would not be a “commercial success” it has become one of the most popular “illegal” downloads on the web!

Sony’s decision to release the album, at long last, proves that the P2P“criminals” know what is popular far more than the executives.

I am one of the many fans of Fiona Apple who downloaded and loved the Extraordinary Machine.
[It is one of my favourite albums on my iPod]
And, as I said 12 months ago when I downloaded it, as soon as it is released on CD I will buy a hard copy [which is next month BTW] I can tell you I am waiting eagerly for it’s Netherlands release date.

Sony are, of course, claiming that the album was in production for the last 2 years, rather than shelved.
This is interesting as there seems to be only one new track added to the album in the last two years.
I wait to hear if the album has been remixed to make it more mainstream and thus make the soulless Sony executives happy. I hope not as the P2P version was astounding.
Regardless I am out next month to my favourite CD shop down, hidden down a back alley in Amsterdam, between the Palace and the Single. [I believe it’s name is Brutus …]

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