New look site!


I became obsessed with getting my CSS majic working. So I stayed up late and finished what I had started.

This is the new template for my site.
If you are viewing using Internet Explorer you will see a lot of funky stuff going on. But it should still be viewable.

I would recommend getting a real browser like Firefox to see some amazing CSS majic that kept me away from sleep.

So, how does it work

body {background: black url(background.jpg) 0 0 no-repeat fixed;}
div#content {background: white url(background-shaded.jpg) 0 0 no-repeat fixed;}

Simple. The fixed attribute fixes the image to the viewport, i.e. the browser window. So the other divs, containing actual content, act as a window onto an underlying image [background-shaded.jpg].

So when you scroll, the images stay fixed 😉

The picture is Dogo Onsen station at night. It was very picturesque I can tell you!

One thought on “New look site!

  1. Michiel says:

    Ahh… ever since I’ve seen that spiralcomplex demo I’ve been waiting for IE to support some useful CSS standards. Good layout! I vote everybody starts coding to break IE 😛
    (my blog does it!)


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