How to ace an interview with one line

A few years ago I had an inteview for a java job.
The interviewer posed a simple question to see if I could work stuff out.
The question was “Write a method to determine if a string was a palindrome”.
A palindrome is a word that is spelt the same froward as backward. ABBA is a famous palindrome.

I achieved it in the interview by iterating from the beging and end of the string to the middle, comparing each char, to determine if it was a palindrome.

This was the kind of answer the interviewer was looking for. Which was a shame as this shows a lack of understanding of the basic Java API. [To my credit I did say that there was bound to be a String reverse type method somewhere in the API, but that I would need to check.]

The correct answer to this rather mundane interview question is as follows;
public boolean isPalindrome(String str) {
return (new StringBuffer(str)).reverse().toString().equalsIgnoreCase(str);

A single line of code. No loops. No iteration.

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