Life as a … vegetarian!

I have become a praticing Buddhist.
I am not that good yet, that is why I am practising, but I’ll try and keep it up.
As part of that I am having a go at vegetarianism.
Don’t be too shocked.
I am only doing this for a week to see if I can.
[After all, even Buddha ate meat! So why shouldn’t I! hmph!]

So far it has been OK.
But it has only been two days.

I decided to include fish in the edible things category, because I need some protein, and well, they are fish.

This all came about on Saturday night when, in an inebriate state, I discovered the wonders of late-night falafel! Humus to the extreme!

So, with that positive experience, and my naive novice attempts exhibiting loving kindnes, ahem, I am attempting just one week of no meat.

This has nothing to do with the bird flu. Honest

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