Argh! It is all Black!

After 22 months of faithful service my Mac went all screwy.
First no matter how many files I deleted the disk usage stayed the same. [Which I think indicates that the Journalling system was messed up]
Then applications started behaving very weird. They continually lost their preferences and would start up in vanilla mode. [Firefox started with a NEW default profile, losing ALL my plugins and settings]
[If the file system was f@ck3d up then this makes a bit of sense]
So I decided to start-from-scratch and re-install Mac OS X again as a vanilla install.
This took most of last night as I firstly had to backup all my documents and data.
Then I had to install Mac OS X 10.4.
Then download ALL the patches to get it up to 10.4.3.
Now I am slowly re-installing all my applications.
But at least I have recovered a HUGE amount of diskspace and my system seems a lot more stable.
For all the Mac Haters out there reading this. My Windows XP machine can only be rebooted at the moment by removing the power-lead. [It also crashes if you access the primary slave drive too much. i.e. more than twice]
I do not find this too much of a bind considering I use computers so much compared with a normal person, and have a tendency to install an application and then delete it.
Unstability comes as the price of excessive computer usage.

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