bizaare coincidences via Google

Dave Graney and Clare Moore – CD & Gig Reviews – Music – Entertainment

I came across the above news link to someone with my unusual and uncommon Oisrish surname, via a cricuitous route.
I was messing around in Google Suggest and decided to see if it would give any sugestions if I type the words “sexy nuns”. [It does not… perhaps they censor it]
I then looked at the results it came up with and absentmindedly clicked on the google news link. [Which then searched all the Google news feeds for the phrase “sexy nuns”]
One of the top returns was to the Aussie pop star, and namesake, Dave Graney.
I found in the picture a certain amount of familial likeness, well to some of my family anway, so he probably is related, all-be-it distantly. [You can’t get much more distant than Australia!]
I need to absentmindedly use google more often.

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