Nuclear Family …

Protesters delay Blair’s speech

Is the response from Greenpeace justified?
I don’t think so.
What is the alternative? Solar, Wind and Wave power is not enought to fuel the UK economy. Even with large amounts of energy conservation.

I am not as negative as the “Peak Oil” advocates.
I believe that there is a solution, but it is far more a societal rather than a technical one.

Ok, Nuclear Fusion is the future of energy production, and will no doubt save the human species from reverting to primitivism, but it is far too far away in the future to save us from the immediate fuel crisis.

Putting in place a hydrogen economy, which I believe will come about as a low cost alternative to Fusion, is also a long term option because the infrastructure necessary is immense. [You could convert oil tankers into liquid hydrogen tankers relatively easily, making the energy per kilo far more interesting than oil, but a half full tanker of liquid hydrogen is a massive terrorist target, and needs a lot of protection, as it has the same energy potential as a small nuclear bomb!]

I believe re-urbanisation is the immediate solution to our ills.

What do I mean. Well, I mean to destroy Suburbia!
Suburbanites consume far more fuel per capita than either their urban or countryside equivalents.
By moving back to an urban society we can conserve our energy significantly.
It means getting rid of the white picket fence. Getting rid of the two car lifestyle. No more Soccer Moms. No more junior league baseball.
No more neighbourhood barbeques.
I know it sounds as though I hate suburbia. I don’t. I am a suburbanite myself. I really love the suburban lifestyle.
It is just we can not as a society afford it anymore.
If we want to keep our present standard of living we have to give up suburbia as an unnecessary luxury.
We ALL have to live in apartment buildings. [Although the rich will no doubt have larger and nicer looking ones. ;-)]
And we must think more communally.
I am not talking about communism, or Kibbutzism, but just the idea that we can share the energy costs across a neighbourhood.
Communal heating, airconditioning and hot water can easily reduce the energy consumption of our wasteful society.
As well as retrofitting green design to existing buildings.

Back to nuclear power. It may be one of the least polluting immediate solutions we have.
Plus, unlike in the 1950s, we know about all the adverse affects of radiation and will be more than a little precautious.

We all have to readjust our thinking to survive the forthcomming energy crisis. And this includes Greenpeace and their tree hugging friends.

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