Media DINOSAUR attacks Wikipedia

A false Wikipedia ‘biography’

This guy has no clue.
Really NO CLUE!

There is a reason that this did not get caught by the reviewers at Wikipedia, and I am sure Wales pointed this out to him, but his ignorance and pride have just gotten in the way.

Wikipedia has two kinds of review.
The first is spelling and grammar accuracy.
The second is article content accuracy.

The second, being more thorough, is only done on articles that have many hits.
Sorry, but no one really cares who this old fart is.
Hence it did not get any attention from the second wave of reviewers.
It was not linked by anyone. Any article in Wikipedia, or from external either.

If this media Dinosaur actually felt so put-out by the innacuracy of his ignored biography HE should have changed it!
Yes! HIM!

As Wikipedia is an open media project the readers are as responsible for the accuracy of articles as the authors!

This is explained quite succinctly here.

So this media Dinosaur was in the wrong for not correcting the mistakes that some rogue had put in his biography.
As a reader he was as responsible as the author.

It is basic common sense, but something the old-media hacks still don’t get.

If you see someone lying in the road bleeding to death and just walk past and let them die, are you responsible?
You did not beat them up! You did not drive-by!
YES! You have a societal commitment to help such a person.

In just the same way, unlike newspapers or Usenet, with Wikipedia you not only have the ABILITY but the RESPONSIBILITY as a reader to correct incorrect articles.

So, Mr. Media-Dinosaur, welcome to the more responsible and interactive information age!
We who live here welcome you!

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