Google vs. Yahoo!

Who will win.
My money is now on Yahoo! [Even thought I prefer Google!]
Look at the following table

Sucks Rocks
Yahoo Maps Google Maps
Yahoo Mail Google Mail
Yahoo Search Google Search
Google Contacts Yahoo Contacts
Yahoo Calendar
Google Desktop Yahoo Widgets
Google Picassa Flickr (yahoo)
Yahoo News Google News
Yahoo + Google Toolbar
Yahoo 360 + Blogger (Google)

So what comes next?
Well first Google needs to shore up it’s offering with a decent calendar component, and also to improve it’s contacts component.
But there are lots of companies out there that can still be aquired.
LastFM this is the technorati of audiophiles. It is definitely a catch to a search company.
SixApart this is the only really competition to Blogger and 360. [MSN spaces sucks!] They also make software! social bookmarks! This is definitely a catch. I am waiting to see who gets there first. A much better way of integrating it with FireFox/IE would obsolete present bookmarking systems.
technorati blog searching thanks to the power of the pingback! If this stays independant I will be surprised.
Kiko Calendar A wonderful AJAX based calendar application. [Google why don’t you buy this!!!]
BackPack A cool list and productivity tool that uses LOTS of AJAX. [Would be good if combined with the following]
LinkedIn an orkut for business people. This is so powerful and has lots more potential that is presently untapped. Whoever gets this company can look forward to MASSIVE growth.

The reason I am backing Yahoo is that although they are slow to change, look at Yahoo Mail taking forever to implement AJAX, they are FAST to aquire companies. And the ones they pick are superb!
Flickr, Konfabulator etc.
And the Konfabulator, or Yahoo! Widgets as it is now known, just makes your life a hell of a lot easier.

//edit: I know that the table is a screwed up! WordPress automagically changes my xhtml into garbage! Very usefull!

2 thoughts on “Google vs. Yahoo!

  1. Scott says:

    Yes, the new Yahoo e-mail is slick, but it has taken a long time, and they haven’t touched the calendar yet.
    Also, take a look at CalendarHub, another nice AJAX calendar in beta.


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