Returning to Amsterdam after Xmas

So, I decided to take the train back to Amsterdam from Kiel, instead of taking the plane from Hamburg. This is the same journey I took last year.
Except this time the tickets and journey were planned by my mum and not me.
So instead of a 45 minute wait in the wonderful Osnabrück, I had only a 15 minute connection time.
Now, usually, this is not a problem thanks to the ruthless efficiency of the German rail system [Die Baahn].
But today it had snowed all night.
To a depth that would have caused complete standstill to all traffic, and old people marooned in their houses in the UK, but which only delayed the train by 20 minutes in Hamburg.
Of course, with a 15 minute connection this was a little worrying to me.
Luckily the german driver exceeded his normal speed and made up some time.
But this still only gave me a 2 minute connection in Osnabrück.
I ran like a wild dervish from platform 2 to platform 12 [half way through the labyrinthine access tunnels under the station] and jumped on the train just-in-time, as the doors were starting to close. phew.
I made my way through the train to my carriage, stopping only to grab a beer and a bottle of mineral water in the bar, and then found my carriage and my seat reservation.
the German woman occupying my seat found it annoying that I had a reservation for the window seat, and made that very clear by fussing as she had to move to another seat.[As the seats with reservations are clearly shown on in the cabins by green LEDs I find this slighty untoward.]
After sitting down I noticed the cabin heater was set on the “club tropicana” setting, even though everyone in the cabin was wearing multiple layers.
So I just turned it down to a reasonable mid-point and quietly drank my beer and read a book.
Then the woman who had previously been occupying my seat, and upset she had to move, turned it up to maximum again.
I waited until it was suitable hot and slowly removed my shirt so i was sitting in just a t-shirt, as it is really that hot. I also removed my watch and made puffing-wheezing-noises, wiped my brow and made and further audible “phew”.
Then I decided to pull out my laptop and start typing. This, much more than my impromptu striptease, seems to have annoyed her as she immediately stormed out for about 15 minutes to the bar.
But I am still sitting here typing.
Next on my war-of-nerves list are;

  • Doing some software development on my laptop
  • playing Nine-Inch-Nails or Rammstein (more appropriate) loudly on my iPod
  • continuing my little striptease to include removing my shoes … then trousers

I feel confident that I can win this passive-agressive war-of-the-will.

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