Akkahol is teh evul

New Years 2005-2006

New years was a lot of fun. As you can see by looking at the above link.
And I went a little crazy taking photos of everything.

I went to my friend Petes and hung out with him, Zoë and Maarten. We had a nice meal of Paella, cooked by Zoë, and then went out to see the fireworks organised by the local neighbourhood, the Joordaan, just across the canal from the Anne Frank museum.

We had a couple of bottles of ‘good’ Champagne, and consumed it all before the fireworks had ended.

After the fireworks were over we popped around to Duende to have cigars and some wine.
Then it was back to Petes until the wee hours.

I had made sure I had a lot of cash for the taxi ride home, but as luck would have it I didn’t need it.
I got the tram home at about 9 am on Sunday morning and went promptly to bed.

I woke up after a good sleep at about 5 pm, and ordered a pizza as I was unable to concentrate enough to cook. [I was also suffering a little from DTs]

I am still feeling a little fuzzy even now.
I am sure I will be fine by tomorrow.

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