So what the *?#$@ am I doing to my site?
Well I decided to utilize the many WordPress themes out there and give my site a nice new look.
So over the next few days I will be playing around trying to get everything to be how I really want it.
What exactly do I want? Well.
I want

  • a tabbed section at the top
  • No categories displayed [I am using tagging now]
  • A dropdown containing the archive months. [Damn real estate hog!]
  • A page for my photos that actually works!
  • A sperate page for a Tag Cloud!
  • Ability to change fontsize dynamically by clicking a link/icon

What is wrong with my current them?
Well, not much. But as I truly hacked it the code is not that nice.
By just adapting a pre-existing theme that is kinda like how I want then I should be able to have code that looks nice and does what I want.
Making it easier to modify later. [I hope].

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