Are Computer Viruses agents of digital social Darwinism?

Nasty Nyxem virus set to strike

Microsoft said users should not open unusual attachments from unfamiliar sources

Like. Duh!

It just came to me that viruses on the net could be considered agents of social Darwinism.
They help to thin-out-the-herd.
Taking our the least adaptable and capable users.
Leaving the net for the rest of us.

I mean who nowadays clicks on an attachement sent to them in a spam email by someone they do not know?

That person is definitely someone the rest of us can really do without.

I know this sounds very techno-elitist, and it is.

But it is no different than the people who take packages on planes for people they do not know.

It does not take a rocket-scientist to work out it just aint a good idea.

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