I am lazy …

Quite an admission, don’t you think?
But there are two forms of laziness and I suffer at different times from both of them.

Constructive Laziness
This is common amongst developers and is extremely usefull.
If Alan Turing had not thought “I don’t want to be calculating all this by hand. Maybe there is a way to automate it? Maybe with valves?” we would not have the computer.
Nerds/hackers/developers/technologists tend to be people with this heightend constructive laziness compared to other people.
They would rather spend three days developing a tool to automate an hour long manual process, just so they do not have to do it again.
This laziness has led to almost all of the great inventions of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Unconstructive Laziness
This is the negative “Do not want to do ANYTHING” sort of laziness.
It is more a kind of psychological form of inertia.
You may want to do something like innovate, automate a boring process, go to the gym, etc. but you just can not go from intent to action.
This is harmful to society and is a form of addiction.
People who have this form tend to continue in the form for quite a while.

I realized that these were two distinct forms at the weekend.
Even though I was late getting up on sunday I still went to the gym.
Normally I would skip the gym as I hate arriving late.
It gets very busy and I can’t get on the machines I want to.
This time I just did it. And I enjoyed it. And felt much better afterwards.
So why do I normally skip it?
It is not that busy. So it must be an occurance of the later form of laziness.
After going to the gym and having a boost of endorphins I then spent the rest of the day fluttering around my apartment tidying it up and doing laundry.
Things that I would have normally put off.

I have decided that I will go to the gym after my dutch class for half an hour of running, as the gym closes at 11, before going home to bed.
I have noticed that my brain is still running at maximum capacity for a couple of hours after the end of my class and something physical would be a good thing to do.

And the endorphins should help in my progress towards a more dynamic me. 😉

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