I am attending a summit

or something. 😉

Seriously I am attending the one day The Future of Web Apps summit in London tomorrow.

It should be an interesting insight into the current trends in web app development and the community.
It is part of my personal kaizen process that is making a better, and more up-to-speed, me.

Among the 800+ attendees will be Suw Charman whose blog I read, and who is the Executive Chairman for ORG, of which I am a member. [You should all join too!]

Also one of the speakers is Cal Henderson, the brains behind Flickr and the development mind for the B3ta community, to which I sporadically contribute.

If I do see Suw, through the throng of developers and others, I’ll say hi, and hopefully not come across as either a stalking psycho fanboy, or just a general run-of-the-mill weirdo.

I wanted to have my laptop up and running so I could post updates after each presentation, and also do a bit of IRC backchanneling, but as my previous post points out, my laptop is fried!, so I will have to use the old-skool methods of biro and notepad and, gulp, talking to people.

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