If you buy an Apple, get AppleCare!

I finally, after 2 weeks!, got someone from the repair center to give me an estimate of cost for the repair to my beloved 2 year old iBook.

€ 800


“Turns out the motherboard is fried! It works ok, but … <something technical in dutch that I didn’t understand> … and will have to be replaced.” – guy at reperatiedienst

So, two years ago when I thought “€300 for apple care my arse. I doubt anything could go that wrong” I was TOTALLY wrong.

I could have saved myself €500 on a new motherboard.
Of course this postpones my new MacBookPro until next year!
I want to get my €800 worth out of my old iBook first.
Plus, I had finally got all the software on it that I wanted.
And was very contented. Another year of that won’t be too bad.

I knew I should not have mentioned wanting a a new MacBookPro in front of it.
[Probably why the damn thing comitted seppuku!]

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