All quiet on the western front

So why have I not been updating my site?

Well I have been thinking. [Which is difficult enough for me ;-)]

I am going to split up my site and domains.

At the moment I have the domain and the domain and I link the coderkeitaro domain to a subdomain on called keitaro.

I am going to split off keitaro and place my blog on its own dedicated domain,, and keep the domain as just a personal point of presence containing such things as my CV/Resume, a professional blog/calendar and my personal email accounts.

I have also bought a couple of other domains and I am deciding what to do with them.
I might be making them into a web 2.0 company… or maybe not. 😉

I still have not had a chance to write-up my notes from the future of web apps summit I attended last week, but I may wait until I have migrated my site to it’s new home. [I am planning to start this very soon.]

I am also going to have to re-register my blog with technorati, feedburner, et al. after it has moved. 😦
Hmmm. Sounds a little complicated.

Ah well, that is what I get for having a blog.

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