I can vote!!

I got home last night and found a surprise in my mailbox.

A letter from the gemeente saying I can vote in the geemente [council] elections next month!

I am getting the chance to voice my concerns in both the big city council and the stadsdeel, or neigbourhood, elections.

The Amsterdam/Amstelland is divided into stadsdeel and wijken, or neighbourhood, regions which have their own authority.

The main city council handles stuff like public transport, police and the like.
And the neighbourhood councils handle things like street husbandry [streetlights/bins] and refuse collection.

This is one reason why the street signs, bollards and bins look so different in different neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. [And also the reason why so many streets are dug up. There is no central authority for this. It is handled by the neighbourhood council.]

I will be voting, but I am still not sure who to vote for.
I need to do a little research into what the policies are of the major parties, and locally, the opinions of the people standing for election.

Hmmm. I will keep you all informed of my discoveries.

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