Information Overload

I am suffering a little information overload.

Not being someone who has a photographic memory I have a tendency to forget peoples names.
Normally this is embarrasingly but easily sorted out by just being upfront about it.

But online this gives me a little more difficulty.

I have not met most of the people I interact with online in person and so find it difficult to associate the actions/conversations I have with them to their screen names and identities.

What I would like is a tag based contact management system.
One where I can tie together the disperate pieces of information I have about an individual so that I can later look it up for guidance.
I would also like it to be fully searchable.

If I know someone with multiple alias’ on multiple media [IRC/IM/b3ta etc] I want to be able to search on those alias’.
But I would also like to search based on the media.
If for instance I am on IRC I can quickly check which of my contacts are online by searching my tag based contacts list for the IRC keyword.
This search would show their IRC alias only.

It becomes multiply more difficult if they exist as different alias’ on different IRC networks. [EFNet vs DALnet vs Freenode etc]

Then there is the issue of multiple IM alias’ acros multiple IM networks. [I have about 5 alias’ myself, and I am not considered over the top for an IT professional]

The problem also comes when I do not know a persons IRL name. I may only know their screen name, and a few personal tidbits such as location etc.
Most Contact Managers seem to be IRL name based.

Such complex interpersonal relationships are not handled pretty well by existing software and this could be a potential niche for a new contact manager.

I have quite a lot on my plate at the moment, so perhaps I will put this on the back burner for now and just use my trusty Moleskine to keep up-to-date info on my contacts.

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