Google tells US DoJ to “stop being nonsensical”

Google throws out US data demand

Google has formally rejected a demand from the US government to hand over a week’s worth of search records.

I have been finding the stance of the US government rather bizarre.

On the one hand you have them comparing Google to companies that supported the Nazi regime in the 1930s for filtering out sites for the Chinese government, and another branch demanding access to the personal information of its US customers.

Which seems more like the Nazi regime to you?
Asking for censorship or demanding the personal information of customers.

Of course, Censorship of search results is wrong and should not happen.
But demanding the personal details, i.e. the search criterion and ip addresses, of your own citizens is something that the SS was (in)famous for.
It is in a totally different league.

To comply with the DoJ would put Google in the same league as Yahoo!, who gave the personal details of a dissident Chinese Blogger to the Chinese government. [The poor guy is now in jail]

I just hope the protestors, who seem to be singling out Google for contempt and ignoring worse players in the GoF, realise that freedom of speech means absolutely nothing without personal privacy.

And privacy of customer data is something that Google seems to be championing.
And good for them.

Perhaps for the US Government it is OK to spy on US citizens and censor what news and information they can access. It is just a bad thing when someone else does it to theirs. Especially an emerging competing super-power.

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