Sunken ships and mad businessmen

The Netherlands continues to be a place that surprises me and makes me smile.

Today was the usual inclement weather in the Netherlands. A strong wind pushing the temperatures to barely above zero, and a fine rain that gets under your umbrella and onto your glasses.

So it was amusing to see a sunken canal boat.
Not your Amsterdam one mind. The great big ones that go up and down the huge central canal here in the Netherlands.
Obviously the ship had been a little too heavy and some water had gotten on the deck. The captain, sensibly, had beach the boat on the shoreline sandbank.
I got to see the contents, gravel, being offloaded onto the bank in an attempt to float the boat again.

Then, not far away, on a dijk that normally has people walking dogs or cycling on it, even in such inclement weather, I saw a businessman in a full business suit running like he was purused by the devil himself.

Every day I get to see things that you would not normally see in other countries.
I guess that is why after almost 8 years I am still here.

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