Redirection for free

I have now got a feedburner feed url and will be using that as my main distribution RSS feed.

This is so I can maintain stats on the feed, but also to make it simpler should I ever want to move my blog again. [You can access it here]

When I get my laptop back, finally, I will start podcasting again and add a new feedburner feed just for that….

4 thoughts on “Redirection for free

  1. Michiel says:

    I’ve used feedburner for a while now and I’m quite happy with their services. And there are so many!

    I think it’s obscene that their browser-friendly feed URLs (like ofter look better in a browser than most blogs! (yours not included). Nah, it’s a great service too. The one-button signups are a nice touch, too.

    I also like the little extras like this button (dunno if it’ll display on your blog, consider a ‘preview’ function for comments):


  2. CoderKeitaro says:

    Mine not included… hah.

    I just modified a nice looking theme, added tags and integrated with feedburner and technorati…

    But you are right. There browser friendly feeds are really nice.
    I think this is part of their feed reader detection service.

    [I have installed a plugin for WordPress that means that although people link to my actual feed at they get redirected, thanks to the magic of .htaccess, to my feedburner URL.
    This means that I will get stats on EVERYONE who wants to link to my feed. (i.e. Just you so far :-()]


  3. Keitaro says:

    I aquired that from another website, and then changed the colour from blauw. [It was a dutch site… think it was here]

    I set up the CSS so that it only does that for anchors in the posts and not for the rest of the site navigation. [It looked plain ugly when ALL the links had an underline.]

    I think it gives extra emphasis on links contained in the post.
    Which is something I wanted to do.
    [Notice also that links in the comments DO NOT contain the little stripe underneath! Adding even more emphasis to the post itself!]

    I am thinking of reducing the text of the comments sections too, to add emphasis that they are COMMENTS on the original post.


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