How secure is my vote?

Amsterdam stemt 7 maart met de vinger.

The gemeente, Amsterdam City Council, is introducing Electronic voting for the elections on the 7th March.

I have a few concerns regarding this.
Firstly the information provided on the machines to the voters is only on their usage.
We are also informed who supplies these machines, an uitgevers, or publishing company, but their website only allows City employees to contact them.

This makes me a little suspicious.
We all know of the problems encountered in the US over electronic voting.

I was hoping that the Gemeente Amsterdam would follow the example shown by Australia and make the source code run on the voting machines available for public scrutiny.

As a software developer I know how easy it would be for the election to be rigged, either intentionally or because of some defect, so I would like to test my programming knowledge agaist the people that wrote the voting code.

The more people that look at the code, the more transparent the democratic process is, and the more reliable the results of the vote will be.

I am writing an email to the Gemeente notifying them of my concern over this matter and will also ask on the day, next week, if a copy of the source code is available for public scrutiny.

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