Nice surprise!

I just received an email from Amazon.
Some anime I ordered in January just got shipped.

I am getting Ghost in the Shell: Innocence and Laputa:Castle in the sky.

I am hoping that the later is not too bastardised by Disney. I adored the original 80s masterpiece and have been waiting eagerly for its eventual release on DVD on this side of the pond.

Now I just have to wait for it to be delivered…

2 thoughts on “Nice surprise!

  1. Michiel says:

    Well whip me for being a pirate, but you didn’t download these already?

    DAMN! I got Laputa (original) from the DVD bargain bin a while ago, and will snap up GitS as soon as that appears. But that doesn’t mean I’ll wait for them to finally release this stuff.

    Innocence left me a bit, um, disappointed although the scenery and animation is amazing.

    I never seen the Disney (really?) version of laputa, but the Miyazaki original is great fun. As you no doubt know.


  2. Keitaro says:

    I have already downloaded and viewed them from the wonders of BitTorrent, but I am a little old fashioned in my love of anachronistic physical media.
    [I still buy CDs!]

    As for Disney, they have a global distribution license on ALL Studio Ghibli movies. This includes the back catalogue that pre-dates their contract …
    The only noticeable difference from the fansubbed version available on bit-torrent is a remastered soundtrack, and the colours seem far more vivid [but that may just be because it is legit ;-)]


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