Dutch Plumbing

My washing machine went on to the final rinse cycle just as it got pitch black outside.
I suddenly heard a very loud splashing sound.

Water being pumped out to the washing machine was going everywhere in the kitchen.
It looks as though the drains are blocked and the water is therefore popping over the top of the u bend.

It is hard to see with so little light so I will have to inspect it in the morning.
This is the second time that I have had problems with plumbing in this apartment.
Dutch plumbing in general seems pretty lousy.

I thought at first it was just the washing machine, but when i tried running the tap in the kitchen you could here water gushing out.

Of course all the plumbing is behind the units and is thus very difficult to see, even in daytime.

I hope it is going to be easy to fix.

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