A racist state.

Kadima’s big plans for Israel

“In the coming period we will move to set the final borders of the state of Israel, a Jewish state with a Jewish majority” – Ehud Olmert, President of Israel

Israel disturbs me. And this sentiment disturbs me the most.

I have always been against the idea of a Jewish State, just as I am against a Christian State, a Muslim State or even a Buddhist State.

As a secularist I believe that the state should represent all the poeple within their borders, not just a select few, regardless of faith or ethnicity.

This desire to manipulate and control the religious make-up of the population in Israel sounds far to much like the policies of 1930s Germany. Something which makes me nervous.

What upsets me though is that you can not openly state such concerns.
The above concerns will get labeled anti-semetic even though they are clearly not.

Any criticism of Israel seems to get labeled that way.
Whereas any criticism of the US is not considered Anti-christian.

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