Missing link discovered. Intelligent Design debunked. (Again)

Discovered: Missing link that solves a mystery of evolution

A gap in the fossil record has been filled by a transitional fossil that bridges the gap between fish and tetrapod (the first land animals).

Evolutionary theory predicted that such a creature should have existed, but due to the scarcity of fossils (they occur in unlikely situations) it had not been found.

And they found the fossil in exactly the place predicted by evolutionary theory.

This gap in the fossil record, like the previous one between reptiles and birds, was held up by Creationists and other proponents of Intelligent Desgin, as evidence that evolution was a flawed theory.

Of course now that the evidence is found that proves evolutionary theory surely the proponents of Intelligent Design will abandon their “theory” for which their is NO evidence.

Of course not.

Intelligent Design is an article of faith and not a scientific theory.
Did they abandon it when the hole in the fossil record between reptiles and birds was plugged by Archaeopteryx?
No they did not.

So they will find one of the other transitional holes in the fossil record, and there are still a few, to harp on about.

And continue in their attempts to force an article of religious faith into the SCIENCE classroom.

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