XboxBlog .. eh?


Makezine reported on this site that seems to be an auto-blogging software for the Xbox 360.
The Xbox blogs the users usage and cumulative scores/points.

Although this is a neat application of the networkted technology it only leads me to wonder where this will lead…

Will we have refridgerators blogging what we eat? “Burgers again? I hope he has good health insurance”
TVs blogging our viewing habits? “He watched the National Geographic channel again yawn, why does he not watch something entertaining?
Or even my work computer? “Why is he wasting time writing stupid blog posts that no-one ever reads instead of working? Come on and build the application on me! 2GB of RAM and all he does is browse!”

Gets a little Orwellian. I would rather people did not know all the things I am up to by reading the blogs of my hardware. So perhaps I will not install such auto-blogging software. [As long as it is not required by law!]

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