Missing link discovered. Intelligent Design debunked. (Yet again)

Fossils unearth proof of human evolution

“The fossils represent unambiguous evidence for human evolution,”

Quickly on the heels of the discovery of thefishapod transitional fossil, paleontologists have discovered yet another transitional fossil exactly where the theory of evolution says it should be.

But this time its personal.

The transitional fossil that has plugged yet another gap in the fossil record is one of us humans own ancestors!

To add yet another nail in the coffin of Intelligent Design (sic) is the following quote;

“We have proved that one (species) is transforming into the other, so this evidence is important to show that there is human evolution… that human evolution is a fact and not a hypothesis,”

This quote is important for two reasons. It tells you that human evolution is real and Intelligent Deisgn is nonsense.
But it also allows the carefull reader to understand the concept of “scientific theory”.
A scientific theory is initially a hypothesis, i.e. a supposition based on insight or a guess, this hypothesis must be both provable and disprovable by evidential support, either directly or indirectly.
When a scientific theory has evidence that supports the intial hypothesis it becomes accepted scientific fact.
[However, due to the fact that a better hypothesis could pop-up that fits the observable evidence it remains called a theory, but it is no longer just a hypothesis.]

This is what creationists just don’t get. They use a laymans understanding of the word theory that equates only to hypothesis and not to fact. They also avoid the necessary requirement of provability that Intelligent Design so clearly lacks (and is thus unscientific).

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