Corriander the most horrid herb? I THINK NOT!

Boing Boing: Cilantro haters band together

Americans, as usual, have no taste.
They hate the wonderfull coriander, even giving it a new name cilantro, that lies in the heart of the worlds best cuisinea. Indian. Indonesian. Thai.

It adds a light fresh and lemony flavour to the meal.
Without which it is a lot more heavy and imposing.

The herb or spice I hate the most is …

And Americans LOVE it!
It is in freaking everything in the US.
From coffee to bagels to appel pie to scrambled eggs.

It is as if they actually believe this most foul of flavours somehow enhances the taste of food.
Instead of thoroughly destroying the taste and leaving you nauseus.

Anyone who hates Coriander needs their head examined!

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