Horten Ho229 vs B-2 Spirit … Nazi stealth?

It seems the Americans have had stealth type technology for a looooong time.

The picture a the top is the Nazi built Horten H0229. A Jet powered, high speed, high altitude, long range bomber developed for Herman Goerings Luftwaffe in the closing years of the war.
The project was a nazi black project, personally sponsored by Georing, and not even Hitler knew of its existance.

In fact there are few, public, materials left of the project. The German A-Bomb project actually has more documentation.
This is probably because of it’s black nature. The fact that Goering moved it out of sight of Hitler and his generals. And the fact that the US military raced across Germany at the end of the war capturing and destroying any advanced technology in an attempt to keep it out of Soviet hands.

The Horten Ho229, and what research the Horten team had done, was captured and flown to the US and delivered into the hands of Northrop, who had experiance in flying wings and was a technological competitor to the Horten team with their, failed, developement of the X35.

Although the geometry of the Horten Ho229 and the Northrop X35 wing, they are both flying wings afterall, the similarity between the Horten Ho229 and the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber is more striking. [Compare the lower photo!]

The construction of the Horten Ho229 had the simple plywood impregnated with carbon to give it extra strength. This simple construction would have made it stealthy compared to the other aircraft of the day. With such a reduced radar signature it could have sailed easiyly across the channel and to bomb targets in Britain.

So the US had a flying wing bomber design that was comparitively stealthy back in 1944.

Courtesy of Herman Goering.

3 thoughts on “Horten Ho229 vs B-2 Spirit … Nazi stealth?

  1. Todd says:

    This article is very wrong. First of all, the “Ho-229” wasn’t designed as a bomber at all and was never intended to bomb England. It was intended to be a high speed intercepter. It wasn’t “top secret” that even Hitler didn’t know about it. If it was considered “top secret” it was from the Allies only and what development during wartime isn’t “top secret”. Never was this project considered or named “The Black Project”. Common, do some research before posting on the internet….


  2. Keitaro says:

    Thanks Todd.

    Um. The Ho-229 was, as you point out, was not a bomber. My bad. But it was a high speed, high altitude, high range fighter-bomber that was capable of flying over England to escort bombers and intercept RAF planes.

    Bombing, like all fighter-bombers, was an integral part of it’s mission.

    Of course I did do some research on it before posting. [Which is strange as this is the internet and no one normally gives a shit]
    But as I did not list my references in the post, and it was written over a year ago, I can not remember all of them.

    I do remember using Wikipedia though. And the article does reiterate some of my very wrong statements.

    Perhaps before posting on some random guys blog you should fix so-called authoritative references, or at the least, have the common decency to list the references you have that refute the fallacious statements I have in this post.

    Thanks Todd. You are so helpful.


  3. Steve says:

    Does anyone have books, blueprints or anything on the horten any videos????I was figggguuurrringggg videos are very hard to get of the horten can anyone help out thanks


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