UFO cover-up and the UK hacker

Hacker fears ‘UFO cover-up’

This interview was regarded with derision on such websites as slashdot who claimed lots of nonsense based on the poorly transcribed account on the website.

By watching the video, and using common sense, you can address most of the concerns that have arisen from the community.

He only had ‘dialup’ and he calls himself a hacker?

Firstly. Thanks to Hollywood there is a false impression that hackers only work with the fattest of ‘pipes’ and
the fastest of ‘rigs’. This is plain nonsense. Some of the best hackers I know use obsolescent hardware running customized versions of slackware linux and using dialup, as their countires, in eastern europe, do not have affordable broadband yet.
Secondly. This took place in 2000-2002 in the UK. Thanks to the dominance of BT in the fixed line market DSL was ‘extremely slow’ getting into the mainstream.
Plus as Satelite TV was, and still is, the main competitor to terrestial TV in the UK, cable internet was virtually unavavailable. It is not unusal that during that time period he did not have domestic access to a fat pipe.

He communicated with someone using wordpad? Nonsense, it is a normal application and not IM

In the interview he quite clearly explains that he used a remote desktop software application similar to VNC to manipulate the target machines.
I have also used this technique, but using VNC and notepad, to talk to systems administrators in remote locations, during collaborative work.
It is easy. People who say it can’t be done do not know computers.

He ran a script to log on to 65000 computers in less time that it is physically possible to open and close a socket on a pc just using a slow 65k connection! nonsense!

In the interview he did not explain in detail how his script worked, by that point in the interview he had already started dumbing down his answers for the obviously naive interviewer, but he could have been talking about AFTER the intial compromise. He said once he was in he searched for other machines that he could control on the network. So he could have run the script on a compromised machine.

A ‘hand’ moved across the screen? How could he know?

This is very late in the interview and he is already dumbing down his answers for the obviously clueless interviewer.
He means the mouse pointer. Which, as you may know, can sometimes resemble a hand. [Try moving it over a hyperlink/anchor?]
This is what happens when someone on a target machine moves the mouse locally.

He saw a UFO?

Well. Ahem. He saw an image reduced to 4 bit colour.
It may have been what he thought it to was. But it could also have been an ‘artists impression’ of a space station or even of habitation module for the planned Mars mission.
Using “Occams Razor” the artists impression wins.
But the “alien technology conspiracy” is not necessarily totally discounted. It is just far less likely.

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