Next Gen Consoles – My 2.0 penneth

So generation 7 consoles are either here, thanks to XBOX 360, or just around the corner.
I have been watching all the hype and hullabaloo ove rhte last weeks and have come up with an ‘opinion’ [eek].
So I will attempt to wright it down in this unobserved, and undeserved, part of the net.


Apart from the daft name the XBOX 360 has stormed onto the gaming scene a whole 6 months before even the XBOX faithfull believe M$ could ship it.
It has some powerful specs. But it also has generated a ton of wonderful early-life games.
Some are just re-issues of old games reworked to take advantage of the power of the 360. But others are original to the machine.
XBOX-360 continues the XBOX dominance of on-line console gaming with the X-BOX live community that even allos someone to ‘blog’ their XBOX usage and stats.
What is most innovative is how the XBOX-360 is more than just a console.
It is also a media entertainment center, or extender in the modern parlance.
It can, thanks to it’s hard disk, store you digital media so the it cna be played back.
And it can also be integrated into a home network with a PC running Windows MCE so that it can basically act as a remote viewer extending all the Windows MCE PC functionality to the XBOX-360. [Think of it as allowing a teen (or geek) in their bedroom access all the functionality of the Windows MCE PC in the living room. Via their XBOX. Neat!]

Playstation 3

All hail the PS3. It is a standards powerhouse of the G7 consoles. With more standardised APIs than any of the other contenders it should make it the easiest to develop for. [As long as you have a capable PC you can develop on it.] But, of course, the dev kit will cost some amazing amount $20k (you can get a nice car for that!).
PS3 also has access to a HUGE backcatalogue of PS1 and PS2 games.
But with PS1s and PS2s coming down in price and the PS3 being a horrendous $399, min, it may be more economical to just buy the original hardware and forget about the PS3.
Of course, there will also be a lot of new PS3 games, and, of course, there are a lot of titles that are exclusive to the platform family.
And because it is also a media box, just like the XBOX, it will allow you to do lots more than just play games.

Nintendo Wii

Apart for being named after a bodily function, the Wii is, ironically, the most innovative of the G7 consoles.
It has an interesting new controller that looks just like a TV remote but can determine how and where you are holding it.
I was very sceptical at first as to how this new controller would work. And what the advantage would be.
But since seeing some of the game demos, where you use the controller to control katana (samuri swords) on screen with amazing accuracy, I am slowly becomming a convert to the idea.
Instead of being a couch potato moving a little here and there, you’ll actually have to stand up and wave your arms about, jumping forwards and backwards. [Perhaps I should fix my curtains if I buy one of these!]
Also the console is a lot less powerfull than the competitors.
But Nintendo have cleverly made sure the console dev kit is affordable [only $2000] and the console itself is about $150!. [Competing with the present end-of-life price of the PS2!]
What they have also done, which has amazed me, is opened up their ENTIRE back catalogue of games for internet download by the Wii. Right back to the original NES. [Plus some of the more select Sega back catalogue titles!]
Hard disk, and most other stuff, will be an option on the wii.
This is no doubt to keep costs, and retail price, low.
It is ironic that I am getting more and more excited by this console since they changed it’s name.
Somehow the amazingly daft name makes me believe that Nintendo are really going to succeed with this.
They have a reputation for having silly names but good games.
I thought the Revolution was really trying to get on the Sony/M$ bandwaggon.
Something that the old skool Nintendo should try to avoid.


I think I will wait and see if I will shell out for a G7 console.
But I am more and more excited by the Wii and more and more put off by the horrendous cost of the PS3.
If I wanted a MediaCenter I would buy an end-of-line, or second hand, G4 mac-mini and hack Frontrow onto it.
I buy a console for console games.

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