Contacts++: Part2: How-To for FREE!

Ok in the previous post on this topic I told you all about the wonderful dotCom idea I had and why I hated traditional Contacts databases.
I also told you that it was easy to implement using open and free online tools.
Well, here is my “implementation plan” for anyone who read the last post and thought, “Hell, I would buy that for a dollar!”

The tools!

The tools with which you can implement this are … and a public wiki!

You can get accounts for both of these FREE from the intarwebs.
The first thing is to understand how you can use for contacts management.

Setting up

I have set up tag bundles, using “organise tags”, on called the following:

When I find a site related to one of my contacts, say their Flickr account, I add that link to delicious and make sure that I use BOTH their real name and their nick name in the tags list for it.

If this is the first link for this person I then go into “organise tags” and add their real name tag to the contacts_realname bundle and their nickname tag to the contacts_nick bundle.

Now comes the cool bit. MetaTags.
If they are on an IRC channel I frequent then I navigate to their page for all links tagged with their nickname, this is easily done by looking in the contacts_nick bundle, and then add this page as a new link to with the IRC channels name, #channel, as the tag!.

This allows me to then see all the nicks that I know in the channel by simply clicking on the IRC channel in the bundle! I can then navigate down to all the links associated with that particular contact by clicking on the link presented!

Setting up the wiki

Simply set up a free wiki on thhe web. There are many services out there and wether you choose a public or private wiki is up to you.
Then all you have to do is add a new wiki page for each contact and add this page to your links. [Making sure to use their realname and nickames so that it appears in the bundles.]
you can now add any information to the wiki page that is not represented by the links, such as postal address, biographical info etc.


As you can see this solution is simple, flexible and free. It supports ANY datatype I want, thanks to links, and allows metatagging, the number one reason I wanted to build it myself in the first place.
To see this used in anger then take a look at my links at my links. The wiki links are not public though! 😉

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