How-To: Dutch ham and cheese toasties!

After having my last few how-tos becomming redundant after Flickr went gamma and completely changed their interface I have decided to do a how-to on something very unlikely to change.

The humble staple dutch cuisine the ham and cheese toastie.

The right ingredients.

You need the right ingredients to make a good ham and cheese toastie;
1: Bread: I find the best white bread to use is a “casino wit”. It is a medium weight white bread. If you prefer the healthy option find a similar weight of brown bread.
2: Cheese: Gouda Beleggen is the BEST cheese for a toastie. I prefer the EXTRA beleggen as it has more of a robust flavour. But normal beleggen is nice and tasty.
4: Ham: Strangely enough the cheapest “achterham” is the best. It is pre-shaped to fit a slice as well. The more expensive achterham doesn’t taste as good and leaves gaps between the slices.

The right method

Having the right ingredients would be pointless if you did not construct your toastie with loving care. [Single toastie. Scale up if you want more.
1: Add Cheese: Add two slices of cheese to one slice of bread and only one slice of cheese to another.
2: Add Ham: Add two slices of ham to the one cheese slice piece of bread. [If the ham is think then only add one slice of ham]
3: Primary toast: On a grill, toast both the pieces of bread, facing cheese/ham face up, for about 5 minutes.
4: Secondary toast: Remove the cheese only slice and grill the ham slice for a further 4 minutes.
5: Tertiary toast: Combine the cheese only and ham and cheese slices to make a sandwich and then finish off by grilling on both sides until light brown. [If you have a toaster that can handle it you can use this to finish the toastie off]

Final thoughts

Why the sudden need to share this top tip?
Apart from Flickr going gamma, I have basically lived on a diet of toasties and Dr Pepper while setting up the Geek Calendar Community Site GeekMeets.
Toasties are nutricious, cheap and filling. The fuel of champions!

Champion cheese Grommit!

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