Martin McGuiness … British Spy?

Eh? The man behind the bombings and excutions in the 80s is a SiS agent?
Inlcuding the Brighton bombing that almost decapitated the British governement?
That would mean the secret service tried to kill the Prime Minister and her Cabinet!

Of course it is ludicrous!

or is it …. ?

Think about what would have happend had the Brighton bomb been successful.

If the PM is assinated the Home Secretary takes immediate control of the Government.
The Home Office, at the time, was in charge of any such emergency.

But with the PM, Home Secretary, and most of the rest of the Cabinet dead the head of the civil service, with advisers from the home and foreign office, would have likely taken control.

In short order I would expect to have seen; a state of emergency, suspension of habaes corpus and due process, suspension of parliament (for it’s own protection!).

Of course it is unheard of.
Why would the SiS and the Civil Service conspire to overthrow the elected government? [Even though SiS is basically a Civil Service operation anyway].

Well, Thatcher had been a bit vigorous in removing the traditional power of the Civil Service and turning it over to elected officials.

The Civil Service was changing from people that made policy to people that just implemented policy.
And a lot of the Old Guard were being removed.

What a perfect plan for a Coup d’Etat.
Use the IRA as a stooge for the removal of a reforming, anti-Civil Service, government.

As conspiracies go this is a big one. But far more plausible than the 911 ones.

And what would have happened to the Irish in Britain? And their descendants (like me)?
Well, we saw what happened to American Japanese in WWII.
I would expect the same.

Growing up in a concentration camp, rather than suburbia, would have been a significantly different childhood.

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