But why surgery?

Three-armed boy surgery ‘success’

I realise that the poor boy was in pain, probably because of nerve damage, but I still think that his mutation may be a correct path for human evolution.

Think about it.

We are having a multitasking society. IMing, videoconferencing, typing emails, photoshopping etc.
Linear processors like myself are quickly becoming obsolecsent.

Just look at a teenager today and you see someone who can talk on the phone, watch MTV and type an email at the same time without, seemingly, the loss of attention that us oldies would suffer from.

The only way us linears are able to compete with the emergent parrallels is to make our linear processing more efficient.

Of course an extra limb, such as this poor boy had, would help parrallels get the, ahem, upper hand.
So perhaps we will be seeing more of these kinds of aberations as they may just be our future.

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