BBC NEWS | UK | Raid brother tells of death fears

Raid brother tells of death fears

“I flew into the wall, slipped down.”

What happend was awful, but this scentence by the brother that got shot sounds far too much like a scene from a movie, and nothing like reality.

The force of a single bullet striking you is not enough to throw you against the wall.
It is against the laws of physics.

The bullet simply does not have the mass necessary to force a person to even step back.
In fact the effectiveness of a bullet is that it can ‘penetrate’ the chest of the individual it is shot at.
To do so it has to have a small enough mass. If it had mass sufficient to throw a person across the room, then there would be no person left.

But I do not doubt his testimony. People often claim to have been thrown across the room when they have not.
Electricity, for instance, does not throw you across a room.
The muscle spasms in your body does that.

This could easily explain the brothers testimony.
He reacted phyiscally to getting shot by trying to get away, a quite natural reaction, and jumped into the wall.

I hope the IPCC does a thorough investigation, and that the Met looks into how it gathers and processes it’s information.

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