Iron Rita Rusts Balkenende II to destruction

The second Balkenende government has collapsed due to the innapropriate comments of the minister of immigration Rita Verdonk.

Called Iron rita for introducing the most draconian immigration policy of any other EU state, which has led both indeirectly and directly to the deaths of untold asylum seekers, she cleverly attacked a member of her own party for lying on her immigration form to avoid social persecution and an arranged marriage.

Verdonk then did a now infamous 180 by allowing Hirsi Ali to remain a Dutch citizen, even though her policies have led to the expulsion of hundreds of others in the same situation.

Iron Ritas whole handling of this issue brought the resentment of her policies and attitude to immigrants in the coalition party D66 to the surface, and in anger they left the coalition.

Without a majority the remaining coalition have been forced to resign, which means another election in October, or so.

Rita is particularly hated in Expat circles because her policies are indiscriminate.
Skilled workers are treated the same as unskilled.

And the residency permit process for non-EU citizens costs 10 times more than before her policies.
Which is disuading international companies relocating key staff and projects to the Netherlands.
Which indirectly hurts the Dutch economy.

So lets hope for a swing away from nationalism in the forthcoming elections.

One thought on “Iron Rita Rusts Balkenende II to destruction

  1. Someone U know says:

    Well, after reading this I feel I have to make a comment on this one.

    The immigration law now active is set up by Iron Rita’s predecessor Job Cohen, yes the mayor of Amsterdam.

    Rita did take away the Dutch nationality of Hirsi Ali because of lies during the asylum procedure. IMHO that was the only right thing she could do at that time because that’s the law and normal procedure. The parlement was not amused by that and forced Rita to re-think her decision.

    So now we have the situation that every year a couple of dozen nobodies loose their Ducth nationality because of lies during the asylum procedure but a famous politician can keep hers. Well, that certainly is not fair.


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