Off the grid

I have been ‘off the grid’ for tha last few days visiting my Grandparents in the UK.

They are both doing fine now that they have got out of hospital and are back to arguing, and getting annoyed, with each other. Which is way better than feeling down about being apart it seems.

I guess after 60 years of marriage the bickering becomes familiar and any change from that is unwelcome.

I took my camera in the hope of taking some snaps of my Cousins confirmation, which also happend at the weekend, but the Bishop was dead against such things. [Guess cameras steal the souls of christians, or something]

Unfortunately for me I left my camera back in the UK! I am getting my mum to post it to me from Germany when she gets back tomorrow and, fingers crossed, I will get it before my trip to NYC in twoo weeks time.

With the battery on my old iBook slowly dying and my Camera in transit I may have to go to HopeNumberSix very, very low-fi.

I was going to take notes on a Moleskine anyway. [I just like the feel of the pencil moving across the pages. I find it much easier than some electronic PDA gadget, or a laptop.]


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