Thomas Hawk vs. Jill Greenberg

Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection: Jill Greenberg’s Husband Robert Green is a Bald Faced Liar

This issue seems to be running and running. With both sides being equally vitriolic and reactionary.

But I do agree with the sentiments of Mr Hawk (sic), although I would use, slightly, less emotional language.

What Ms. Greenburg seems to not be able to differentiate is between teasing and torment.
Teasing is a natural part of the childhood experience.
I was teased by uncles and have myself teased my younger cousins.
But I was never, and have never, tormented.

The line of seperation between the two is blurry, and subjective, but I personally believe that Ms. Greenburg has crossed it.
Moving from teasing into torment.

The children do not look disgruntled or annoyed, they look distraught and abused.
Yes. If I were to imagine an image of an abused child, not that I like such a thought, these pictures would be such an image.

I feel this is what motivated Mr Hawk to make the comments he did.
The child looks abused.

And the description of the artistic process sounds more like torment than teasing.

I do not consider this a good way to protest against the BushII regime.
If Ms. Greenburg wanted to make a photographic protest she needn’t use a photographic studio.

All she needs is to go out on the streets and photograph the displaced of New Orleans, or the Protesting Immigrant Workers or, in fact, ANY impoverished neighbourhood in ANY US state.

There are enough REAL images of torment out there for her capture and use to publicise the horrors of this administration rather than resorting to creating them by artificial means.

Although I doubt Ms. Greenburg would feel as comfortable in the neighbourhoods where such imagary can be captured as she is in her studio.

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