Where ….. ? [or why the EU will never be a United States]

As mentioned in an earlier post, I accidentally left my camera with my parents after visiting the UK.

I was not worried as my parents live in Kiel in Germany and can easily ship it to me by courier and I thought nothing of it.

A week passed and I had not even received the usual you were not in slip as courier services in the Netherlands conveniently only deliver during business hours.

So I phoned my parents, and they were somewhat surprised as they had shipped it via a well known courier as soon as they had returned to Germany.

I asked for the tracking number from them so I could look into it.

Unfortunately the numbers they had were not the tracking codes, but just a receipt code.
I phoned the courier service and they could not help me.

It was now down to my Mum to phone their German office and see what was going on.

She phoned today and found out some amusing information.

Although the address was written down correctly the person doing the shipping misread Netherlands and sent the package, and thus my Digital Camera, to New Zealand!

The courier service are obviously apologetic that this has happened. Especially seeing it has been found out just two days before my vacation to NYC.

It will take them an indeterminate amount of time to find the package in their global system and have it returned.
They have estimated up to eight weeks.

So it looks like I will be taking photos with my old Chemical Camera on vacation and doing it all off-line.

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