uh. jetlag

I am still suffering jetlag on day two of my NYC vacation/Hope6 trip.

I went and shopped until i dropped today and had a great time. But it has taken it’s toll on me.
I really do not feel like going out tonight, and with free WiFi access I do not need to ;-).

Ah well. Tomorrow is day one of the conference and I as there is not much after the Key Note I want to attend I might skip on down to take a look at the WTC site and also get dinner Little Italy.

Actually… I am starting to feel peckish now thinking about Italian. I have heard there is a fantastic Burger Joint called Burger Joint that is not too far from my hotel. [About six blocks north]
A nice simple filling meal that, unlike last night’s steak-that-could-take-over-the-universe, will not leave me feeling like I could not move for fear of exploding like Mr Creosote.
[It was, though, one of the best steaks I have ever had. With a Cabernet Sauvignon sauce that was to die for.]

Well, I need to get ready. That burger and fries is sounding mighty nice.

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