I should pay for … slavery?

On my last day, whilst packing, I caught something on one of the news panel TV shows about “European Countries who were involved in the slave trade should pay reperations”

At first, I have to admit, my social-liberal conscience was in concordance with such an idea.
It sounded fair that the guilty should pay reparations for such breaches of human rights that they directly financially benefited from.

But then common sense returned to me.

“Hang on”, I said to myself, “I may be English, but I am a 4th generation Irish immigrant. My ancestors had nothing to do with it!”

Then I thought of all the other British Citizens that would be punished by such an ill thought-out policy.

Indians, Chinese, Africans, Jamaicans, Pakistanis, etc.

All the members of the empire who migrated to the UK for a better life and have lived there for as many generations as my family has would also be punished.

Britain today is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world.
Many people whose ancestors were the victims of English oppression are proud British citizens.

Trying to differentiate between the guilty and the innocent, thanks to such diversity, would be impossible.

I guess I can’t blame black American politicians for thinking England is a white-only monoculture when our two major soaps are based in immigrant dominated areas but contain hardly any immigrant faces.
But that is just TV.

And then I thought of how Britain was amongst the first to abolish the slave trade, in 1772 in England, and 1833 for the rest of the Empire, and blockaded American ports and liberated slaves on their way to a life of brutally enforced servitude in the newly founded United States.
[This led indirectly to two associated happenings. The loss of British global hegemony in the textile industry, and the US Civil war]

I just hope that someday, and hopefully soon, people realise that there is only ONE race. The HUMAN race!

All these ridiculous labels based on insignificant cosmetological differences are based on obsolete ideas.
Why should someone who has a different shaped nose, or slightly darker skin, or blue eyes, or pink hair, be inferior or superior to anyone else.
It is all based on over inflated ego, people thinking they are better than others and then making up the reason why.

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