Apple will be releasing Mac Os X 10.5, aka Leopard, in the final quarter of this year.
Of course they are keeping it’s features under wraps.
But the following are the things I would like to see being in the release. [Which I will undoubtably purchase]

Widgets Integration

Dashboard is cool. I like it lots. But could I please be able to run some of the widgets in normal application space?
Like the World Clock would have been very usefull last week when I was in NYC. Setting it to ‘stay on top’ of my normal application space to suppliment my system clock, that was in CET, would have made things a little easier for me.
Plus, third party widgets for system performance is great, but OS X has some create profiling tools itself. Make these utilities into widgets. Thanks.

Speedy boot-up

As a laptop user I very rarely boot-up. I use suspend by just closing and opening the lid.
But when I do use boot-up, like after an update, I would like it to be just as fast.
The video going around the web shows Vista booting faster than OS X.
This definitely needs fixing to compete.

Optimise for Core!

Lets be realistic. It was a stretch to get the OS and new hardware all released at the same time. But Apple did it. And OS X works fine on the Core processors. But I am sure that there are LOTS of room for perfomance improvements. So get to it. Make my apps fly!

Optimise Rosetta

While we are waiting for Adobe and others to migrate to Universal Binary versions of their software we are all stuck with using Rosetta. Optimising the hell out of Rosetta allows for users to not get too pissed off at the speed discrepencies during a switch to a MacTel.
Plus there are bound to be a few legacy apps that will never be compiled fo MacTel. Making sure these work smoothly means people are happier too!

I have a fever! And the only cure is more META!

Anyone who has played around with Spotlight and Quicksilver will understand these desires. Meta information makes accessing applications and data far more easy. The specific improvements I desire are iterated thusly;


Allow users to create their own tags so they can then search using these tags using spotlight.
Think of looking for all documents that contain the tags “todo” and “salespresentation”. Useful for those of us that always forget where we put that important document.

More Integration

Spotlight has some good integration, but like my school report cards, they could do better.
I want to be able to find all documents tagged with a contacts name using address book.
I want to be able to find all emails and IM session related to someone from mail.app by just clicking a contextual menu on their name.
I want to be able to do the same from iChat, so when someone says, “Oh, and I just sent you an email” I can automajically search on emails from that contact.
Spotlight technology should be the glue to make this cross-application style searching easier.

Too smart for some folders

Smart folders have been great for me. I can find all the PDFs on my system. And they can be anywhere, from being located in my Documents folder, to being in the Downloads folder, my Archive folders on my external FireWire disk or folders located in the Application directories.
But I want more!
I want the extended meta information to be folded into smart folders.
What if I want all documents tagged with a set of specifc custom tags, that have been accessed in the last two weeks? Now that would rock.
And what If I wanted to find all documents NOT accessed in the last two weeks to move to my Archive? Neato!

Spotlight kinda allows some of this, if you are willing to put in some effort, but this should all be seamless and simple to use.

Menu de-cluttering

I have far too many icons in my menu bar. I want some way of declutering it WITHOUT losing the same functionality. Perhaps allowing users to create menu clusters to cluster icons together, making sure the last active icon in the cluster is visible. [This is good for putting sys-info icons like Bluetooth, WiFi battery usage etc into the same cluster]

Docktastic Docking

The dock is great for organising the most used applications together but I want more!
I want the applications directory to be an icon on the right hand side next to the trashcan. [you can do this at the moment, but it should ship like this!]
I want more animation options, including the automajic resizing of application windows when the hidden dock appears. [I hate that it hides bits of the application behind it.]
Also, while you are at it, how about making an option to the dock so that it sticks when it appears. A gesture for it to appear and stick, and go away and stick. [command-D just don’t cut it!]


If I could get only a single Item in my list, I would plump for better Meta Information and Spotlight integration. I feel this is the key to making Mac OS X a killer app and dominating Vista.

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