The cost of Freedom

I handed in my notice two weeks ago to take six months off. Sounds daft when I say it out loud, but as Baldrick says in Blackadder I have a cunning plan.

I have been writing a huge list of things I want to do in my 6 months out of the corporate world and the main points go something like this;

  • Get my Java 1.5/5.0 Certification: I want to get this to prove I can! Plus if I run out of cash I can then easily get a new job.
  • Arty farty crap: this includes learning to paint, photoshop and illustrator.
  • Open Source Projects: I want to contrib to a few open source projects, ones that interest me are Java API frameworks like Spring, Python frameworks like Django and also Wikimedia
  • I haven’t een spending enough time on my baby, for various reasons, so I will spend some time on it: Main points include, adding a forum, adding IRC backchannels, adding a main page, adding a blog, adding a user management section, adding user event contrib [event queue as was], creating promotion plugin for wordpress and an extension for FireFox. phew.
  • Socialising: Getting out more and also logging into my favourite IRC channels more. Being more social, and doing more stuff.
  • Flikr-itis: Since my camera made its return from its little vacation without me in New Zealand I haven’t taken any photos. My plan is to take at least one photo per day during my time-off and posting it to Flikr
  • Daily Exercise and healthy living: I have a gymn in my basement now, so I will use it daily and also change my diet to be more healthy and cost effective.
  • No TV! More Books!: I now have about 24 books I am in the process of reading and not actually being able to finish. This means tons of open loops and it is ineffective. So the TV has been unplugged and is sitting in a corner facing the wall. Where it will stay.

So it looks good eh?

I just need to plan it out over the coming two weeks so that on my first monday off I don’t spend the entire day browsing the internet in the nude. [Although coding in the nude is one of the luxuries I will be able to afford in the coming time. Something my present coworkers keep asking me not to do 😉 ]

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