WarCrack cold-turkey

My name is Coder Keitaro and I have a problem.

For the past three months I have been addicted to the popular online fantasy game World of Warcraft.

I know that admitting my problem is the first step to recovery. I also realise that I have a tortuous journey of recovery ahead of me.

It has taken me some time to realise how much this drug has affected my life, both socially and financially.

It has even pervaded my everyday life whereby I even refer to the promotions of family members as “Buffs” and the tax authority as “Mobs”.

I realised, finally, how serious was my problem when I was so excited about reaching lvl 30 that I had a drink of “whiskey of fortitude; Spirit +6, Intelligence -6” from my “Beverage shelf of brazen strength; Strength +8” [What I used to call Laphroaig and Whiskey Shelf in the old days before WoW]

So now the time is ripe to go Cold Turkey. I have cancelled my WoW subscription and sooner, rather than later, I will no longer be able to pretend to be a Night-Elf Huntress witha penchant for feline companions. Sigh.

I thank you all for listening and for your ongoing support.

Coder Keitaro

2 thoughts on “WarCrack cold-turkey

  1. Keitaro says:

    Ha ha ha

    A bot has blogged me, seemingly, for a genuine addiction recovery site.
    Either that or a human that can not see the satire in my post.


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