Host Search for GeekMeets 2.0

I want to move from my own personal host, that hosts this blog, and a few other personal sites, to it’s own dedicated hosting account.

This is being driven by going to go all version 2.0 next month (hopefully), and I want to seperate out this project from my other projects.
I guess you can call my present hosting a personal project incubator.

By seperating out this project it will allow me to have seperate support and also if the site goes down because of exceeding bandwidth allocations, fingers crossed, I will not lose my other sites, including my email!, and I can up the bandwidth allocation for and be able to manage costs more effectively.

[ is a community site and so I will have a paypal account etc. set up for support donations to hopefully cover the costs. Otherwise it will be paid courtesy of Mr. A. Express]

But then comes the logical question.
“Should I create a new hosting account with my present host,, or move the site to another host?”

I have never had any problems with BlueHost, apart from some very minor downtime due to a dodgy switch which they fixed before I was even aware of it, but I am curious if there are any good deals and hosting services out there that just shine.

I will iterate my needs;

  • 24 hour english support: email and IM prefered. But also NON 800 numbers as 800 numbers are NOT accessible in .nl
  • Friendly + intelligent support: No good having 24 hour support if the support people treat me like a loser. Also no good if they ask stupid questions when I say something like “I need to enable URL rewrting on the apache server for my site. How do I go about that?” (bad example)
  • Flexible storage allocation and pricing: I need initially about 30GB. More than enough, but 2.0 includes a forum, a blog as well as the wiki. So I see it potentially expanding.
  • Flexible bandwidth allocation and pricing: I doubt my bandwidth will initially go too high, but I want to be able to expand rapidly should something good happen (slashdot/digg etc)
  • SSH access: I am developing the 2.0 by repurposing existing open source software applications, like MediaWiki, phpBB and WordPress, as well as developing my own bits and bobs. So these are customised installations, not just skins, and so I will need SSH to make sure everything is just fine.
  • Apache, PHP, MySql, Perl etc.: I need the standard OSS software including a lot of Apache, PHP and Perl plugins. I need URL rewriting enabled. I still need to enumerate all the modules etc. needed to run 2.0. This will be the master list that the host I use MUST support.

Hmm. I will look into it all, but until I have finalised the 2.0 app on my dev environment, I will not have a definitive list of requirements.

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