Douglas Adams – hyperland – Google Video

Douglas Adams – hyperland – Google Video

I think this aired in the summer of 1990 when I was still at home with my parents about to embark on my University education.
It left a cultural impression on me that the future would be connected.

Even so I stil embarked on an Electrical Engineering degree, rather than the, at the time not yet popular at British universities, computer science.
[Computer science tended to be bundled with other subjects, such as Computing and Mathematics etc. Computing was originally considered a Mathemaatics discipline.]

But in my second year 1992/93 at university I discovered an application on the VAX VMS system called “talk” and found via that via JANET I could ask students at UCB what the weather was like. [They tended to be a bit upset as they were trying to write term papers late a night, or waiting on baited breath for batch to complete, while I was just messing around on my lunch breaks]

This made me far more interested in Software and so I focussed on software for my final dissertation, writing an application to simulate simple communications circuirts. [I never completed the interface but all the maths, algorithms etc. were completed and worked.]

I wrote it in Borland Turbo Pascal.

All in all, this program and the one season space crime sci-fi “Star Cops” [CSI in space!] definitely made me be a little more of a futurist than I had previously been. [I had spent most of my childhood reading LOTR and other books of that nature]

If you have a chance watch it. It is amusing in parts and prescient in others. [Good one DNA!]

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