Airport Wireless Internet Access Guide

Airport Wireless Internet Access Guide

A very useful guide for airline travellers in the US.
[Perhaps you want a last minute read of the Koran before popping onto that flight, or something]

But I feel WiFi should be FREE in ALL airports.

Some of my friends claim this is “socialism” and “anti-competetive” but how many airports have MULTIPLE WiFi suppliers .. hardly any.
So they exist in a monoploistic vacuum devoid of the checks and balances of the free market.

My main reason for saying they shoud be FREE is that intertnet access is becoming a necessity in our society.
And also a cheap commodity. [These airports, mostly, already have the necessary network infrastructure to set up their own free alternative]

Passengers do not have to pay to use the lavatory or the water fountains. They also do not pay for lighting, heating, refuse collection etc.
They should not have to pay for WiFi for the same reasons. [It is way more expensive to maintain lavatory facilities in an airport than a WiFi network. And that is truthiness!]

So come on airports. Free up your WiFi.

One thought on “Airport Wireless Internet Access Guide

  1. Russell Nelson says:

    I agree 100%. It’s ridiculous to have to pay for WiFi when you’re paying an airport landing fee which manages to cover all the other infrastructure costs of an airport.


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